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2018 Splash Of Reflection

January 2nd, 2019

2018 Splash Of Reflection


2018 was a Wonderful lightning year throughout, embodying many highlights of original Exclusives, golden reflections, natural New discoveries and Deeper insightful education on the subject of true life, creation and the supernatural existence of Truth.

Last year was a Golden year, a Golden Autumn, as our trees transformed their mystical faces into diverse radiant colors, especially of Gold, symbolizing the gold of riches that have been generously bestowed upon us All of life's True Blessings and Miracles, that continue to pulsate our heart's and marvel our minds endlessly - to Speechless!

In 2018 pets, animals, truly came alive in an animated and brilliantly attractive way, allowing us to experience different juicy tongues sticking out, along with poses, cute facial expressions, body movements, and deep honest interest into our genuine craft of Photography, leading them to abandon their owners in favor of the camera!

The past year has Blessed us with Incredible flowers, as God revealed Himself magnificently throughout All creation and existence, expressing His wisdom to us through cloud formations and patterns scattered across our vast expansive skies, and manifold elements of creation. In 2018, we experienced New life, a New reality, as Now we advance into something Better, Greater and Refreshed in 2019!

Our personal reflections of the year: "When one is genuinely Open to energy, one is then Open to life, and so Everything else then Becomes pristine and Beautiful in a whole new way of life existence, simply by and through remaining humbly Open to the present."

Overall, 2018 was a productive, dynamic and enlightening year, a year of strong Business connections and diverse relations, which each Elevate and Build More Greatness, Empowered !!!

( *To Each and All, whom we experienced in 2018, Thank you Genuinely for the experience of you, as we anticipate More Connections into and throughout This Fresh New Year of Endless Possibilities and Truth. )

Divinely Wishing You: Peace, Love & Light to No End ...

*High-Level Respect & Radiance,

( The EE Team ),



Ee Photography - Flashback 2018

December 26th, 2018

Art Prints

Ee Photography - What It Means And Represents, One.

August 22nd, 2018

Ee Photography - What It Means And Represents, One.

Eternal Blessings & OneLove,

For inquiring minds, the precise Title: "EE PHOTOGRAPHY" embodies many facets to describe professionally, as EE PHOTOGRAPHY is a New name, However This Business of Us, This Team it embodies in Complete Fullness represents Many diversities of character unlike other companies and businesses within our universal world Today. Many companies/ businesses Too often represent JUST ONE THING, OR ONE PRODUCT. When They Are Confused in What to Offer their Clients/ Customers, They then Offer Many Things, Totally Off from Their initial Idea otherwise Focus in intent. Businesses and Companies Today Too Often appeal Only to Themselves and Their Personal Finances, Pockets and Investments, Not Really About the Love or Passion in connection with What They Do, Can Do and Are Truly Offering their Consumers Today. EE PHOTOGRAPHY understands This, and Highly Sees the Need in People, Clients, Partners, Businesses and Companies on Every side of the Globe, Truly Starving & Thirsty for Substance in Business Globally, But NOT With EE PHOTOGRAPHY. This structure IT IS exists Complete on Every side, Not just in One area of Expertise - Our aim is COMPLETE WHOLENESS, ONE.

The Title "EE PHOTOGRAPHY" means: "Exclusive Eye Photography." EE PHOTOGRAPHY is Exclusive in the sense that, We select clients & customers that Best connect with Our Brand, What We Do, Are Capable of Producing, Individuals that enhance Our character, quality and expertise in Business and Beyond. This Business of Us Grows Naturally, Nothing About our flow of Business is Superficial, We Deliver Our Best Every time, as Genuine Quality and Truth is Our True Mastery - Nothing Less! Living in This unpredictable world of ups and downs, twists and turns, EE PHOTOGRAPHY maintains its Exclusive Uniqueness By maintaining Steady Focus and True Dedication, We involve All of Our Clients and Customers in ALL that We Do, Can & Are, Each and Every step of the Way - We Remain Committed and Professional, Thorough in Our Natural flow of Business. We Are Not in Business for Ourselves, We Are in Business for the Love, for the Craft, the Art Expression of Truth & Light, that Magically Lives embedded within Us, Deeper within Our heart's. EE PHOTOGRAPHY is About CONNECTION, DEVELOPMENT, PROGRESSION and ELEVATION, Nothing of Us otherwise About Us is Stagnant - We Evolve and Become Many Things, embodying Many Faces, Many Colors and Layers, such is Our Substance of Being, Who Truly We Are, This Light that Lives in Us Inspires to No End, to No Depth, yet Just Always Is its Own Unique Beauty that stands Ever Matchless to Competitors in our Industry of Profession.

It's Been 24 years This year and counting that We have existed, NOT as This same Name, However as the same individual's, that embody the Same Passion, the Same Light, the Same Dedication and Thorough Professionalism, therefore we Seek the same in Our Partners, Clients & Customers, ALL is Family, Being Truly in and of "Like-mind" First Inside.

This "Exclusive Eye" of Us in Connection to Photography means: EE PHOTOGRAPHY understands the art of expression, of communication, how visuals relay a precise message in what each fully represents. Images we capture NO DOUBT reflect Us each precisely in our Spirit vision, this soul in Us that Lives to express its Light energy through Us, Produces precisely its intention, through our unique and innumerable visuals in what draws and inspires us in appeal to capture LIFE's true record in fleeting existence of Reality, Natural Beauty. EE PHOTOGRAPHY understands Precision and Clarity to the DOT! It's Been years we have Been mastering this essence of Both skill and light, therefore our Passion becomes far More technical and sharp through years, based upon natural experience within a wide variety of subjects; genres; mediums; persons; professional equipment and light - "ALL LIFE" TRULY IS OUR GENUINE, DIVINE MASTERY.

In Conclusion to This highlighted Subject:

"May You each Enjoy What Genuinely Lives inside of Us First, which Then Reflects Highly - Through Our Natural, Dynamic & Forward Visual World of Communication ..."

*High-Level Respect & Radiance,